After few days of playing with OSX86 project i finally got it to work on my home PC with all the features. That was few long days of reading, installing and praying to see if that operating system is worth all those troubles. I have to say that MAC OS X is amazing. It’s fast, simple and cute. Too bad it does not support my Linux reiserfs partitions yet… Of course i had to download xcode containing gcc compiler and few development tools for OS X and checked if Evangeline works in there and found few problems. Obviously DNS module is broken and should be fixed in E2 if i want to make it work. I also noticed that i miss tbcload lib. I’m not sure where i lost it but i swear i saw it on my hdd few years earlier ;-) I guess i’ll have to look for it later since i can’t even compile it. Damn it…

Besides those funny problems i found out on how to waste whole days on doing nothing. I’m not really sure but for some reason i can’t force myself to write anything new to any of my projects. I’m just lurking over the net without any real purpose. What the heck?! Seriously, i have to do something with myself, get a serious kick in the ass and go back to work at least to waste my time on something creative… Anyone wants to wish me luck? ;-)

Unfortunately i don’t have any good news regarding E2 or Arjuna. I recently rewrote econfig/myconfig plugin and it seems to work in 70%. Main features are available, whole rest have to wait until i’ll be in better mood.

January 18, 2007 General

That’s right, it’s alive again. I’m talking only about the “new” botnet protocol for Evangeline II but still it’s a great achievement after such a long time without any fix. “New” (i don’t really know why i call it like this) protocol supports data encryption which can be disabled if users want it. All kind of data, including users file, channels file and everything i want can be sent through botnet without opening any additional ports what eliminates firewalls problems ;-) It was written to allow user manage a singe bot, an user-defined group of bots and whole botnet at once. It looks simple, secure and quite fast even for large (no, not for few gigabytes of data at once ;P) amounts of data. It can also be simple extended since it’s a plugin to something bigger.

If everything goes well there is a very small chance that before the end of 2006 i’ll rewrite the most important plugins and start testing current E2 somewhere on the net. Wish me luck…

December 26, 2006 Evangeline

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I think i can say it in public right now. Evangeline project is finished. There will be no more updates available and 1.1.4-b1 version it the last one that came directly from me. Thanks for support and help for those 3 years of development, bugs reports and your opinions about that piece of software. For all who are still using Evangeline 1.x series i suggest to look for something else, updated and bugless, psotnic maybe ;-)

I plan to continue my work on Evangeline II but as you all (those who keep an eye on it) know it’s going extremely slow and cannot be boost in a moment. There is almost no movement and obviously i stucked in 0.0.6 stage with some improvements. I guess that someday it’ll be back on proper track.

Since it’s still Christmas today i wish you all Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Let it be better than current and bring you a lot of cool surprises.

December 25, 2006 Evangeline

I’ll be offline for few couple days because i’m trying to clean out my PC a bit and wanna reinstall my operating system once again. After i’ll manage to bring back my new Gentoo + Gnome 2.16/Enlightenment E17 CVS + scribes + gedit i’ll get back to work on Evangeline II once again (like 6th time?). There is a lot of things to do, but current, 0.0.6 version seems to work preety good for past few months. I’ve found out that remote authentication will be a lot better, easier and a bit more secure than local key verify method so i’ve fixed E2 Tcl scripts to authorize on startup and wrote a little plugin to Arjuna project which works as eauthd server ;)

I have also changed few things about E2 and thought it would be nice to share my ideas with those who actually
check that website from time to time (if there are such fans ;)).

New ideas for E2 are:

  • A couple of new channels settings like:
  • protect-reops, which you can turn it on/off and decide what type of user can add/remove REOP on channel.

  • procect-users (instead of +protectops and +protectfriend chansets), which you can turn on/   off, decide what users will be protected and how offender will be punished (deop, kick, ban?)

  • revenge, which once again you can turn on/off and decide what users should be protected and how to punish   offenders. I’m not sure about this settings, but it may and probably will be integrated with protect-users.

  • oplimits, which allows you to set limits for opping for certaint user classess.

  • defence, with possibility to turn on/off, choose action (kick or deop) and define how much kicks or deops in one   line bot should handle. This one should be usefull for non-IRCnet networks.

  • elimit, a new, improved elimits setttings.

  • New/improved stuff:
  • mychaos – written from sratch replacement for old chaos (kick and opping system?) from E1. Current version is much cleaner and more flexible.

  • gotmode – new, optimized replacement for gotmode funciton. Much more efficient, flexible and easier to manage than the original.

I hope that this few work will let you understand what E2 might have and what kind of work i have to do. Once again  i would like to remember that any donations are welcomed and helps me to believe that there still is somebody who wait for some e2 working alpha version ;)

October 14, 2006 Evangeline

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It seems that this project was brought back to life thanks to Laagje who was brave enough to test latest, 1.1.3 version, reported 2 bugs and helped to find third. Bugs which were fixed are:

  • Fixed: massdie bugs during join-flood
  • Fixed: chanfile crc checking added in previous version

Download here.

September 3, 2006 Evangeline

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