Evangeline II

As problably some of you already noticed Evangeline is not updated recently anymore. I’m trying to fix some bugs from time to time and release updated/fixed TCL scripts but current developement stucked in dead point. I don’t have so much free time as i had few months ago but not everything is lost. My current plans are to release Evangeline (and forgotten AversE) TCL scripts in public (at least most of them – i lost non-compiled copy of addbot.tcl) and let users update or add whatever they want. If would be nice if those users would send me those patches, addons and/or bugfixes they made. It’s also possible that i will release one more Evangeline version with latest bugs fixed but that will be last version.

I’m working on new project, currently known as Evangeline II. It’s rather in early developement (0.1.1 version is available for my own purposes) and it will be slightly diffrent and more advanced than E1. Bot is modular, so you can use C and TCL modules. User can load/unload/reload them preety easy and fast from party line. User can also write own TCL module aswell, it’s not so hard. I also changed chanfile and userfile transfer algorithm. E2 bot will identify a little bit diffrent that Eggdrop or regular Evangeline. Bots will encrypt connection between them, hubs will send chanlist and chansets to leafs. Now they don’t need to open any port to transfer userfile. Everything is done through botnet, transmission is preety fast. One of the most important things is new ‘chaos’ system. User will have a possibility to set op limits for specified user groups and to choose defence mode. Supported modes are deop and kick. User can also define how much session bot should kick or deop in one line, it can be up to 12 if IRC network allow it. E2 also contain full support of IRCnet REOP mode and partial (currently) CIDR and SID bans support implemented.

Evangeline II will be available in 2 versions: unregistered and registered. At the same beggining only beta testers (i will choose some users?) will have proper keys. Other users probably won’t be able to start bot in such early stage of developement to prevent stupid questions and let me live. I’ll decide later what to do with rest of users and how give keys. E2 should be publically available when/if it reach 0.3.0.

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