Basic configuration

* Crontab:

If you used config wizard to create config you can simply type
./starter –cron botnet-nick
and your bot will be added to crontab (you need to have proper
permissions for crontab)

* Presets:

Presets are a pack of channel settings optimized every 60 minutes
and/or if some bot will link or disconnect from botnet. There are 3
presets available right now:

* defense:
+defense on all bots for channel.
+dkopper on 1/3 bots for channel (6kick in defense mode).
+fastop on 2/3 of all channel bots’.
+enforcebans on 1/2 of +fastop bots.
+alimit on *ONE* bot (if enabled on hub).

* freeop:
-defense on all bots for channel.
+enforcebans on 1/2 of all bots for channel.
+alimit on *ONE* bot (if enabled on hub).

* off:
presets are disabled, channel settings can be set via
.enforce or .rchanset setting. Only +alimit is set
on *ONE* bot (if enabled on hub).
Presets can be changed by .preset command (available for bot admin).
Example: .preset #test freeop
* Maxbots:

Additional ‘preset’ which defines how many bots should stay on channel.
Bot count is checked every 10 minutes and in case of join flood.
Example: .preset #test maxbots 5 – after a while you should see only 5
bots on #test. If some of them will go down new bot(s) (if available)
will join #test.

* Autolimit:
Autolimit (‘+alimit’ channel settting) force bots too keep and
update channel limit depends on users count on channel. Autolimit
setting can be changed via .enforce or .chanset commands, for
example: .enforce #test limits 10:5:0
10 – added to current limit while new limit is set.
5 – diffrence between current limit and user count on channel.
0 – Change limit on join/part (0 – disabled, 1 – enabled).
Autolimit kick reason can be changed by adding this line to config file:
reason(alimit) “my custom alimit kick reason”
* Syspass and hubpass:
Syspass is a system password which protects all *mass* commands and
‘.die’, ‘.restart’, ‘.rehash’ (and also few others) for non-authorized
users. If you see a message like: ‘Evangeline: No authorization’, it
means that syspass is set and users have to authorize to user that
commands. To authorize you must use ‘.syspass ‘ command.
Hubpass is a password required to enter party-line. If you see a message
like: ‘Welcome, please enter the partyline password:’ it means that
hubpass is set and you have to enter those password to join party-line.

Both passwords can be set and disabled on party-line by bot admin via
‘.bpass’ command.
Example: .bpass -syspass set encore – will set word ‘encore’ as syspass.
.bpass -hubpass set encore – will set word ‘encore’ as hubpass.
.bpass -syspass off – will disable syspass.
.bpass -hubpass off – will disable hubpass.

* Hub notices:

Other bots can inform hub about important (in my oppinion) events.
deops, kicks, mode changes (by non-owner), netsplits, limit or ban
override, diverse-flood, reop mode changes, channel without opped
It can also send info when connected, disconnected, k-lined or
non-authorized on server and many many more ;)
To see all those messages you have to add +m (msg) flag to your
console: ‘.console +m’

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