Many of those features exist in other bots (ex.: AversE, VoiD), but some
are unique or not published before now.

* Encrypted userfile – userfile is encrypted and decrypted in memory
without using temporary files. Key isn’t stored/included in binary,
so ‘strings binary’ won’t be usefull any longer to find encryption

* Admin – user compiled in binary, who has an unlimited access to the
bot and its commands. He can remove permowners, change their flags,
hosts etc. Should be only *ONE*.
[ Original in Cub3 ]

* Permowners – users compiled in binary, who has almost unlimited
access to the bot (they cannot modify other permowners or admin).

* Adder – new userflag (+r). Users with this flag can add new users
without being permowner. Flag can be added/removed only by permowner
or admin.

* Sharing – bots accept only changes done on bot with +p botflag
(main/slave/alt hub).

* Irc actions – bot kick instead of deop. On IRCNet it works
much better. Evangeline can also kick up to 6 users at once (in defense
mode and in lame takeover mode) and op up to 5 users at once
(getops and lame takeover mode).

* Encrypted share – shared userfile is sent in encrypted form if bot that
downloads it supports this feature.

* Userfile compression – userfile is sent throught botnet in compressed
form. Compression is done by zlib (gzip).

* Channels transfer at first link – channels list on hub is sent from hub
to bot (slave/leaf) at first link. You shouldn’t notice problems
with missing userflag on some channels anymore ;)

* Compressed files – userfile, chanfile and ‘yesterday’s’ logs are stored
in compressed form.

* Syspass – optional password protection for some commands (mass and
‘.die’, ‘.restart’, ‘.rehash’ at hubs)
[ dafcio’s idea ;) ]

* AddBot – nice script/sytem which helps adding bots without even
logging in on them. Everything is done by one command on main hub.
[ Original script exists in AmenO ]

* Presets – a package of chansets automatically updated (every 60 minutes
and/or if some bot will link/disconnect from botnet) and set in proper

* Maxbots – maximum number of bots on channel checked and eventually
updated every 10 minutes and in case of some problems on channel

* Compatibility – bot can link with many other Eggdrop modification.
Can share userfile with: AmenO, aCo, AversE, Bear, BloW, cNs, Cub3,
Detox, DiVERSE, Eggdrop v1.4+, GTT, LeppeR, RaviS, RulF, Suid, VoiD,
VoLron, vOlRoN, X-Men.
Cannot share userfile with: VoiD4, NnO, Shark2.

* BotNetOP – included getops is fast enough to work without +autoop
chanset or +a flag. It makes botnet opping more secure (no/less spoof

* Flood – bot have has lame flood options, like: msg, ctcp, invite etc…
[ Someone can tell me why I left it here? ]

* Servers randomiser – every time when bot start/restart servers list is
randomised. It prevents (partially) loosing channels on splits while
whole botnet is on the same server.

* Mainserver – bot tries to keep desired irc server. If server will goes
down, bot connects to next server and after some time tryes to switch
back (if more than 6 bots with op is on channel(s)).

* Autolimit – new channel setting. With ‘+alimit’ enabled, bot
automatically modify channel limit depends of actual number of users on
the channel. Channel limit is checked every minute. Alimit settings can
be modified via ‘.chanset’ command (ex.: .chanset #chan limits 10:7:1).
[ Should be turned on only on *ONE* bot for one channel. ]

* Hub notices – leafs inform hub about some things, like actions on channel,
connect/disconnect/k-line/restrict on server, netsplit etc.

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