Arjuna is my new and a bit weird project. It’s some kind of engine written in Tcl – Tool Command Language – without any special purpose. Right now it contain some network code that allows me to create a server-client application. At current state i can connect via telnet to some kind of server and manage it through console. It may be used as an alternative shell, a logger (to log every data passing through the port it’s on) or very simple IRC client or even a bot. Arjuna support some kind of plugins (proper API is still missing and should be ready soon) which allows you/me to attach almost everything i want or need in it. Currently available plugins are IRC (more like a bot than a client) and console (i’m working on commands binding and executing part at the moment). There is also third, completely private plugin written to authorize my another project, E2 aka Evangeline II ;-) There should be more if needed but everything needs time especially if i’m working on it…
This is just a short description of what that software can be someday. I hope that this project wont’ share rather sad fate of E2 which develops really slow. I just need some luck, a lot of spare time and good ideas ;-)

# Update:

I redone almost everything, ported API for plugins from E2, rewrote network stuff, console stuff, added bindings, some missing commands, fixed timers and added some new plugins. It seems to work fine, still not worth releasing… Plugins that may be available soon are some simple http and ftp servers just to show that it’s possible in here as well…

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