# Evangeline II ROADMAP & TODO LIST (2006/05/02)

[->] Src:
[+] – New way to parse config file (more restrictions and better security)
[-] – Support for HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy
[-] – Support for IPv6
[-] – Support for SSL connections (server, botnet, party-line)
[+] – Userfile transfer based on botnet (possible to override firewalls)
[?] – Increase char limit in putbot command
[?] – Protect important files (binary? config? userfile? chanfile?) with MD5 checksums
[+] – Admin and permowner as userflags
[?] – Included tbcload library
[?] – Integrated some ADNS library to support CIDR bans or DNS module fixed for IPv6 support
[-] – Proper support for CIDR addressess (to use IPv6 bot must be compiled with IPv6 support)
[/] – Support for other networks than IRCnet
‘defence’ chanset added. Example usage:
‘.chanset #chan defence 1:kick:4’ – defence turned on:will kick:x4 in one line
‘.chanset #chan defence 1:deop:3’ – defence turned on:will deop:x3 in one line
[/] – Support for 15/32 chars in nickname. Remove limit from sources, allow possibility to
link with regular Eggdrop
[-] – Proper support for IRCnet penalty system
[+] – Proper support for IRCnet REOP mode (network dependant)
[+] – Give a possibility to set op limits for diffrent user classess:
– Set by chanset ‘oplimits’, example: 9:9:2:1:0
(9 – admin, 9 – permowner, 2 – global master, 1 – channel master, 0 – regular op)
[/] – Think about better encryption method (encrypt it twice with dynamic key?)
[?] – Think about easier sources update or move as much as possible to Tcl?
[/] – Add a possibility to dynamically edit config file (from party-line)

[->] Tcl

[/] – Make it modular, dynamically loaded, unlocked with working dependancies etc.
[-] – Operating on botgroups defined on hub and sent to the bots during link process.
[-] – Possibility to register bot and gain access to … (to what?)
[/] – New, encrypted botnetop module.
[-] – Priorities
o Bot with the highest priority will do the job
o If bot’s server is split from the other servers, it will act if it was the priority bot
– This is because the split server would be without services
– If more bots are on the same side of the split the bot with the highest priority will act as the
priority bot
o Priorities are set in the hub bot with some sort of priority number
o If bot with the highest priority is not on the channel a bot with the highest priority on that channel
acts as priority bot
o Some sort of command to check whether the bot in action is the priority bot (for TCL scripting purposes)
– Example: if {[isprioritybot $chan]} { putlog “I’m the prioritybot of $chan” }
[/] – New webupdate module:
[/] – Update webupdate.php script, get file version, author, description, date and dependancies directly from files
available on server and pass to the user
[/] – Give a possibility to choose which modules should be updated
[/] – Give a possibility to download modules from server
[-] – Add automatic checkout and notice (NOTE or IRC NOTICE) about it.
[?] – Write registration system based on mysql database?
[?] – Write uptime system based on mysql database?
[?] – Write update registration system based on mysql database?
[|] – Write new share and bot identification system for bots:
[/] – Identify bot, mark as E1, E2 or Eggdrop
[+] – Send userfile to E2 bot without opening additional port/through botnet
[+] – Resync without opening additional port
[+] – Send chanlist and chansets (all of them) through botnet
[/] – Add possibility to remove specified chanset from above list
[+] – Data encryption in botnet
[+] – Ecnryption key set dynamically every link (hub <-> bot)
[+] – Communication bot <-> bot (set them a key somehow?)
[|] – Make communication between E2 <-> E1 <-> Eggdrop possible and sharing classic userfile to E1/Eggdrop as well
[-] – New preset system, make it easier, more efficient and give bigger choice
[-] – New maxbots setting including possibility to exclude bot from list
[-] – Support for more languages in scripts/modules


[+] – done
[/] – partially done/to fix
[\] – i’ve no idea on how to do that right now
[|] – i’ve got an idea, working on it
[-] – not ready
[?] – thinkin’ about it

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