I’d like to notice that lack of informations on that page is mainly my fault. E2 projects is moving forward slowly, but still it’s somewhere up & running. I’m going to update my changelog and put all missing info here as soon as I’ll have it. I guess it should be done this week.

2006/05/02 Arcain

* 0.0.6
– Brought it back to work, switched to new E2 at #evangeline
– Rewrote “new?” botnet protocol
– Gave back possibility to share userfile using “new?” protocol
which transfer data (encrypted) directly through botnet
– Cleaned up Makefile a bit, added “procedures” to help “fully
install” E2 on account (remove useless shit etc.)

– REOP fixed, it works properly now
– Minor fixes in the code.

2006/04/26 Arcain

* 0.0.4

– Something moved on, i started to work on that code once again and results
aren’t that bad…

– Introduced double userfile encryption.

– Introduced partial REOP mode support for IRCnet. It doesn’t work fully
yet but soon it’ll show it’s true power ;)

– Fixed missing +xs userflags for first registed user.

2006/02/24 Arcain

* 0.0.2

– Many bugfixes in Makefile files and source code

– Made a first step to write ‘installer’ (make install) to work properly

– Added Tcl scripts in proper place

– Started to rebuild flag system, first step to add admin & permowner as userflag
admin +x (psotnic’s style ;), permowner +s

– Made some basis for new defence mode, which doesn’t work just yet…

– It connects to IRC so let’s rock… ;)

2006/02/11-12 Arcain

* 0.0.1:

– Passed through compilation stage – it works ;)

2006/02/04 Arcain

* 0.0.1:
– TODO/future plans added to docs/ dir

2006/02/03 Arcain

* 0.0.1:

– Initial release

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