Something new.

No, i’m not talking about anything related to my previous project, including Evangeline and Arjuna. They’re dead and stay dead. I just wanted to say that after almost 2 years i finally managed to update that site, both WordPress to current version and theme. Jupi! Beside that, i switched my MiniITX computer from Intel Atom platform to Zotac one with Pentium Dual Core E6300 and GeForce 9300 on board what gave me similar power usage and way better performance including Adobe Flash HD player and Hulu working fine on full screen. ¬†I also refreshed my Linux desktop a bit with new version of Enlightenment E17 with ecomorph finally working. Gave me quite stable, as for an alpha version, desktop environment that looks and works really well. Screenshot included: click.

I’d wish to say that i’ll be posting a bit more often in the upcoming year, i can even make it one of my “new year provisions”, but since i usually break most of my ¬†obligations i wouldn’t count on that one either. Anyway, better early than never, Happy New Year, 2010!

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December 27, 2009 General