Broken promises!

Quite nice title, right? Well, i’ve made a promise that ‘THE PLAN’ will be done till last week and it seems that i failed. Nothing really new, that’s just me. Actually i haven’t got any time to even touch Evangeline II code. I’ve had a lot of troubles with exams at studies and it has to be on my priority list for the moment. It turned out that i have to make some project for one my classess and mainly because of that i switched from E2 to Arjuna. Surpisingly i moved forward quite fast and in about a week redone almost everything. Network stuff has been rewritten (thanks to users’ new ‘sock’ namespace), plugin API finally has been made (imported from Evangeline II ;-)), old commands has been bound which is way better than what i was using before. Also, finally i’ve added config file support, made proper authorization before console login, changed binary/loader a lot, cleaned whole code and made it look nicer. ¬†At the moment i stucked on 0.0.5 but that’s definatelly not the end. Just for the moment i have to clean up my new ‘think’ and prepare it for my needs. Finally i bought a laptop, not a bad one, with Core 2 Duo, a gig of RAM, 120GB hard drive and GeForce GO 7600 with 256MB of RAM on board. Works like a charm except small troubles with sound card and wireless card on MacOS X 10.4.8. I’m mobile right now, yeah ;-)

Wish me luck, i’ll need it soon to finish all of these…

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February 22, 2007 General