0.0.7 – small step forward…

Hello again ;-)

As i promised in my previous post i seriously took the job and made some changes in Evangeline II source code to push it to 0.0.7 release. So far is quite bad. I’m trying to cleanup channel settings, remove all which are useless in my opinion and replace by better, more customizable versions. The one that will be changed are ‘defence’, protectusers that will go to protect-users and will contain protectusers, protectops and protectbots all at once. Also, i’ll add protect-reops and a replacement for revengeops and revengebots – revenge (so simple, heh?). I also need to fix possible memory leaks and buffer overflows in mychaos.c and seriously work on IRC module. Looks like a lot of work, but it have to be done until 0.0.7 will be ready to use, even by me ;-)

I updated ChangeLog as well and added a new document called ‘THE PLAN’ that describes my schedule for next week or two ;-) Along with those new docs you should be able to see new, yesterdays current uploaded with both source code for direct view and snapshot in .tar.gz format.

That’s enough as for one day! I hope to finish ‘THE PLAN’ in max 2 weeks…

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January 26, 2007 Evangeline