That’s way too “big” word for my current job but yea, i made some updates to E2. I’ve fixed few typos in myconfig plugin, added debug stuff that should help to trace bugs in scripts/plugins. I’ve also enabled plugins autoloading (dependant on ‘autoload’ var set via ‘.mcset’ command ;-)). There is also one new plugin, called ‘tclsh’ that emulates Tcl command shell directly on Eggdrop’s/E2 party-line. Script was made some time ago by user from egghelp.org forums and works very well adopted to plugin style…

I’ve also “tweaked” source code a bit, added new log level – +S for scripts/plugins debug – along with sdebuglog command. Also, src/ecore/config.c was updated to read proper startup script while running bot. I guess that’s all, nothing really useful, just some cosmetic changes like usual…

To present you how my work looks like and that i’m really doing something from time to time i put my two, latest screenshots. Here they are:

Linux + e17 – clean : click

Linux + e17 – busy : click

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January 21, 2007 Evangeline