It’s alive ;-)

That’s right, it’s alive again. I’m talking only about the “new” botnet protocol for Evangeline II but still it’s a great achievement after such a long time without any fix. “New” (i don’t really know why i call it like this) protocol supports data encryption which can be disabled if users want it. All kind of data, including users file, channels file and everything i want can be sent through botnet without opening any additional ports what eliminates firewalls problems ;-) It was written to allow user manage a singe bot, an user-defined group of bots and whole botnet at once. It looks simple, secure and quite fast even for large (no, not for few gigabytes of data at once ;P) amounts of data. It can also be simple extended since it’s a plugin to something bigger.

If everything goes well there is a very small chance that before the end of 2006 i’ll rewrite the most important plugins and start testing current E2 somewhere on the net. Wish me luck…

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December 26, 2006 Evangeline