After few days of playing with OSX86 project i finally got it to work on my home PC with all the features. That was few long days of reading, installing and praying to see if that operating system is worth all those troubles. I have to say that MAC OS X is amazing. It’s fast, simple and cute. Too bad it does not support my Linux reiserfs partitions yet… Of course i had to download xcode containing gcc compiler and few development tools for OS X and checked if Evangeline works in there and found few problems. Obviously DNS module is broken and should be fixed in E2 if i want to make it work. I also noticed that i miss tbcload lib. I’m not sure where i lost it but i swear i saw it on my hdd few years earlier ;-) I guess i’ll have to look for it later since i can’t even compile it. Damn it…

Besides those funny problems i found out on how to waste whole days on doing nothing. I’m not really sure but for some reason i can’t force myself to write anything new to any of my projects. I’m just lurking over the net without any real purpose. What the heck?! Seriously, i have to do something with myself, get a serious kick in the ass and go back to work at least to waste my time on something creative… Anyone wants to wish me luck? ;-)

Unfortunately i don’t have any good news regarding E2 or Arjuna. I recently rewrote econfig/myconfig plugin and it seems to work in 70%. Main features are available, whole rest have to wait until i’ll be in better mood.

January 18, 2007 General

Welcome whoever you are. Feel free to rad all the stuff i wrote ;)

July 30, 2006 General

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