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April fool’s day is over so i can reveal small secret about yesterday’s post. It was a joke, an obvious one! I do not work on Evangeline anymore. Info from november is still valid and it’s not going to change. The E2 i published is an old version, that doesn’t really work due to missing or old Tcl scripts. If you’re wondering what is behind that you might wanna get latest (if i remember correctly) scripts from here, put them in proper directories (check src/ecore/config.c – near the end of file) for more details and feel free to try. You should be able to get it up and running, althrough, i can’t guarantee anything.

Good luck trying :)

PS. There was no comments, i’m disappointed…

April 2, 2008 Evangeline

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Good news, i’ve been working for it for quite some time already and here it is. Get it, use it, enjoy it while fresh;-)


PS. Feel free to leave your comment.

April 1, 2008 Evangeline

I guess it’s about time to write that kind of post. It’s over, all of my projects died and finally i decided to put official info about that. Evangeline (both original and E2) died long time ago. I have no time to support and updated E1 and definatelly no time to develop Evangeline II. I also noticed that interest in such projects for IRCNet went down drastically and it’s even worse than year ago. To all who were using and waiting (anyone thought about that?) for E2 i’d suggest to switch to psotnic (if you need something good for IRCNet) or almost dead Eggdrop (if you need scripts). You can either keep your working Evangeline but don’t count any serious help and support in case of any major problems.

My small and private project, Arjuna also seems to be dead. It reached status that helped me to pass an exam so it did the job. Beside that, i expected to use it as authorization service for E2 but it’s dead so why bother. Maybe i’ll continue to develop that thing for my own purpose but i never expected it to be publically available and free for all.

I’d like to thank all who supported me during those few years, who helped in developement by subminting bug reports, feature requests and took care about IRC channel and of course to all who were using my buggy software. Big thanks to all of you and sorry for such bad end.

November 17, 2007 Evangeline, General

Hello again ;-)

As i promised in my previous post i seriously took the job and made some changes in Evangeline II source code to push it to 0.0.7 release. So far is quite bad. I’m trying to cleanup channel settings, remove all which are useless in my opinion and replace by better, more customizable versions. The one that will be changed are ‘defence’, protectusers that will go to protect-users and will contain protectusers, protectops and protectbots all at once. Also, i’ll add protect-reops and a replacement for revengeops and revengebots – revenge (so simple, heh?). I also need to fix possible memory leaks and buffer overflows in mychaos.c and seriously work on IRC module. Looks like a lot of work, but it have to be done until 0.0.7 will be ready to use, even by me ;-)

I updated ChangeLog as well and added a new document called ‘THE PLAN’ that describes my schedule for next week or two ;-) Along with those new docs you should be able to see new, yesterdays current uploaded with both source code for direct view and snapshot in .tar.gz format.

That’s enough as for one day! I hope to finish ‘THE PLAN’ in max 2 weeks…

January 26, 2007 Evangeline

I guess i was in a good mood to finish some job today. Whole day actually sucks quite a lot especially that I’m not feeling well in past few days, I’m extremely tired, dizzy and got late to work today. Still i wrote some stuff for E2 this evening and it’s really impressive comparing to my time spent on it in last few months. As for today’s successes i may give few important fixed to plugins.tcl that finally properly loads plugins with ‘requires’ feature. As usual i had to find a lot of my typos to trace possible bugs but somehow i made it and now I’m proud to announce plugin dependencies at work ;-) As for my second success i think i can put a total conversion of some old modules including those which I’m using all the time (onirc, chaninfo, elimit, epassword, httpclient and bbusers) to plugins style. They finally loads, works properly and are a bit refreshed. My third success (not too many as for one day?) are fixes to myconfig plugin. Once again i found few typos which let epassword plugin fail to load. Not bad, right?

Well, day is not over yet but i don’t want to get late to work again (it’s my fourth day when i come to late) so that’s all for today. I hope to push forward E2 sources to 0.0.7 tomorrow…

January 23, 2007 Evangeline

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