Uhm, well, it’s been a while, but here’s something useful for a change. I’ve been working quite a lot with MobilEDIT to transfer data between various devices. It’s been working quite fine but ever since they took away ability to write back SMS between phones i couldn’t find anything else to replace that feature. Transfering messages between Android based devices could be done perfectly via SMS Backup & Restore so that’s something to start with. I wrote a small Tcl script that does all the job and convert .xml file between formats. Output file can be then simply copied to the device and imported easly. Script, as anything wrote in Tcl is cross-platform compatible so it can be used on Windows, OS X and Linux/BSD systems. It does require tdom component which is installed by default in ActiveTcl for Windows/OS X and can be easly installed via repositories in most Linux distributions or compiled manually if needed.


Usage is quite simple. It’s a console tool so open your terminal or cmd window and type:

tclsh MEDxml2SMSBackupRestore.tcl sample_messages.xml

It’ll output something like that:

MEDxml2SMSBackupRestore >> tclsh MEDxml2SMSBackupRestore.tcl sample_messages.xml
MEDxml2SMSBackupRestore by Arcain v1.0.5
> Found correct header, will convert sample_messages.xml with 4 messages
> Processed 4 messages, saved as: sample_messages.xml.smsbackup.xml


Once you get it, you’re done. Copy the *.smsbackup.xml file to device, find it in SMS Backup & Restore app and you’ll get back your messages after a while.




// Update @ 24.01.2016

Updated the script to convert file with proper sorting. Previous version first took care of sent messages, then received. This makes imported messages to look a bit weird on the phone. Now, it’s parsed just like it was saved, either acending or descending by date from MOBILedit. I’ve also fixed the missing “draft” check which made those messages previously marked as sent anyway and added sms.xsl stylesheet that allows you to preview the converted file in any web browser.

April 8, 2015 General

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Finally, after few months of issues with website i found some time to solve it. To be honest, i have no idea what was the problem since only “reinstall” helped. None of the PHP scripts were working within the WordPress dir. Odd a bit, but i’m glad i finally solved it after all. Beside that there seems to be no changes. I dig back my old Arjuna project code, fixed few annoying bugs, developing it slowly during my free time and that’s preety much it.

July 13, 2011 General

No, i’m not talking about anything related to my previous project, including Evangeline and Arjuna. They’re dead and stay dead. I just wanted to say that after almost 2 years i finally managed to update that site, both WordPress to current version and theme. Jupi! Beside that, i switched my MiniITX computer from Intel Atom platform to Zotac one with Pentium Dual Core E6300 and GeForce 9300 on board what gave me similar power usage and way better performance including Adobe Flash HD player and Hulu working fine on full screen. ¬†I also refreshed my Linux desktop a bit with new version of Enlightenment E17 with ecomorph finally working. Gave me quite stable, as for an alpha version, desktop environment that looks and works really well. Screenshot included: click.

I’d wish to say that i’ll be posting a bit more often in the upcoming year, i can even make it one of my “new year provisions”, but since i usually break most of my ¬†obligations i wouldn’t count on that one either. Anyway, better early than never, Happy New Year, 2010!

December 27, 2009 General

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April fool’s day is over so i can reveal small secret about yesterday’s post. It was a joke, an obvious one! I do not work on Evangeline anymore. Info from november is still valid and it’s not going to change. The E2 i published is an old version, that doesn’t really work due to missing or old Tcl scripts. If you’re wondering what is behind that you might wanna get latest (if i remember correctly) scripts from here, put them in proper directories (check src/ecore/config.c – near the end of file) for more details and feel free to try. You should be able to get it up and running, althrough, i can’t guarantee anything.

Good luck trying :)

PS. There was no comments, i’m disappointed…

April 2, 2008 Evangeline

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Good news, i’ve been working for it for quite some time already and here it is. Get it, use it, enjoy it while fresh;-)


PS. Feel free to leave your comment.

April 1, 2008 Evangeline

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